Why Windows Vista Failed????

Windows Vista was the successor of Windows XP Service pack3. It really indicated a different appearance and view to that of Windows XP. Everyone wanted to switch to Windows Vista because Microsoft Corporation had already introduced its Office Suite, Microsoft Office 2007 which also reflected a dramatic change from MS Office 2003.

People tried to develop Vista transformation packs, Vista tools to be used with Windows XP. However then people realized that Windows Vista has some problems: it made the PC slow, hackers has found bugs in it and low usability.

Even though, a new operating system is introduced people believed that they can still work comfortably with their current operating system, Windows XP which enabled the users to install new Office 2007. It was a significant mistake done by Microsoft that new Office suite, Office 2007 installing in XP which was meant to be used as a promotional tool for Windows Vista.

After failing to achieve the expected results from Windows Vista, Microsoft Corporation immediately started inventing a new Operating System that is more marketable. Meanwhile, they introduced Windows Server 8.

Finally, they came up with its new Operating System Windows 7 together with new Office Suite, Microsoft Office 2010 that can not be installed on Windows XP. Although Windows XP operated with less errors people started switching to Windows 7 due to its novelty and also due to the Office 2010.

However, some people still search and use Windows XP. But not that much people operate with Windows Vista.

You may be now using Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 and Office 2010 or 2013. However, you will be required to license the copy of your Office Suite. Click the following link to know how to do it, activating your Office 2010 with its Product key.

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